Department of Maternal-Fetal Medicine
The department of Maternal Fetal Medicine was founded in the First Obstetrics Gynaecology Clinic, in 2001, having as its main objective the detection of any significant sign for a fetal anomaly and or detection of the presence of an agent that potentially can induce anomalies. This activity has as its purpose the detection and an adequate treatment of fetal anomaly.
The Department is a methodological and scientific center in the area, it serves the greatest part of Transilvania, being well equipped and having specialists of high class. The pathology that we confront with is very different as here are brought all cases that cannot be treated in other hospitals from Transilvania.
All pregnancies in the area are analysed in order to identify the women with high risk for a certain anomaly. Women are offered a specific prenatal diagnosis.
The examinations that are done in the department are:
  • Biochemical and immunological analysis (AFP, beta-HCG, E2, PAPP - A)
  • Ultrasound and others invasive tests:
    • amniocentesis
    • cordocentesis
    • CVS
  • Genetics counselling
  • Genetics analysis
    • fetal karyotype
    • parental karyotype
Further information:
The Department of Prenatal Diagnosis
3-5 Clinicilor Street
3400 Cluj-Napoca,
Tel./Fax: +40-0264-450115